Bridge of the Doomed (2022) Movie Review

Bridge of the Doomed – Movie Review

Bridge of the Doomed

Director: Michael Su

Writer: Adrian Milnes (Screenplay)


  • Michael Pare (Gone)
  • Robert LaSardo (Death Race)
  • Kate Watson (Battle Star Wars)
  • Sarah French (Blind)

Plot: A group of soldiers are ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak, but what lives underneath the bridge, proves to be even more deadly.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bridge of the Doomed starts when the world has been taken over by a mysterious virus. One that has been turning people into ravenous zombies that are running riot through the land. General Vasquez (LaSardo) is trying to get his military resources to contain the problems.

When the military runs into a group of survivors, tensions start to rise as the two sides find themselves in a battle to survive against the undead armies.  

Verdict on Bridge of the Doomed

Bridget of the Doomed is a survival horror movie that uses the zombie enemy to create a chaotic world. in this world, we see the battle between the two sides as they believe they have bigger rights, instead of working together.

This ends up going down the path of most zombie movies, where the biggest weakness ends up being human decisions. It offers very little new to the zombie chaos sub-genre of horror, where it can become difficult to remember who the most important character throughout the movie is. Nothing really gets going in this movie and it all ends up being a weaker version of what we have seen before.

Final Thoughts Bridge of the Doomed is a by-the-book zombie movie, without bringing anything original to the table.

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