Breath (2017) Movie Review

Breath – Movie Review


Director: Simon Baker

Writer: Gerard Lee, Simon Baker, Tim Winton (Screenplay)


Plot: After developing an interest in surfing, a teenage boy and his friend forge an unlikely friendship with an older surfer.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Breath starts as we meet teenager Pikelet (Coulter) and his best friend Loonie (Spence). The two-love going on adventures and have decided to take up surfing. They get to meet an experienced surfer Sando (Baker) who takes them both under his wing to teach them the art of surfing. 

This sees the two making an unlikely friendship as Pikelet gets to learn about life. It sees him accepting learning what life could offer him in a world full of danger.

Verdict on Breath

Breath is a coming-of-age drama following a teenage boy making a friendship with a local surfer. It sees him learning about life as he learns about surfing and the patience for the perfect wave. As well as other life lessons that come at the right time.

This gets to show us how being a teenager can be difficult. You are unaware of the next stage of your life, you don’t understand certain things and you can make mistakes along the way. It uses the love of surfing and excitement to push our character to the next level in his life. However, this ends up not getting the bigger message across and leaves very little to the imagination. It becomes difficult to relate to what he wants from this stage of his life.

Final Thoughts Breath is a coming-of-age story that is harder to relate to.

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