Bloodsucking Bosses (2015) Movie Review

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – B – Bloodsucking Bosses – Movie Review

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Director: Brian James O’Connell

Writer: Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Ryan Mitts (Screenplay)


Plot: A down-on-his-luck cubicle worker and his slacker best friend discover their new boss is a vampire who is turning their co-workers into the un-dead.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bloodsucking Bosses starts as officer worker Evan (Kranz) believes he will get the vacant sales manager role. Although he doesn’t get the role, an old rival Max (Pascal) is brought in for the role.

Frustrated about losing the role, he wants to expose Max, only to learn that the co-workers are changing. Some are going missing; others are becoming more assertive.

Verdict on Bloodsucking Bosses

Bloodsucking Bosses is a horror comedy that brings vampires into the office environment. The story will use the idea of missing out on a promotion, creating a sense of paranoia within one of the characters. Even though the ‘Stepford Wives’ approach shows the changes the turned characters would go through.

The vampire sub-genre in horror has been done many times before. Here, we get to explore the concept of office work sucking the life out of people, reflecting the vampire ideas in work life.  It will get a few laughs along the way, but most of the workers are full slackers that would be lucky to keep their job in the first place.

When it comes to the performances, Fran Kranz in the leading role gets to have a lot of fun. Showing us a character that is overworked, and who tries to balance friendship with expected workloads. Pedro Pascal strolling into the role, gets the laughs with his smug approach, as we know he is up to something. The rest of the supporting cast will get the laughs when needed, despite mostly being the slackers you would see in an office space. There is plenty of blood splatter, placed into the comedy involved in the helpless fighting back against vampires.

Where to Watch: Bloodsucking Bosses is available to rent on Microsoft or Apple TV. As well as to buy on Amazon and YouTube.

Final ThoughtsBloodsucking Bosses is a fun little horror comedy.

Bloodsucking Bosses

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