Black Mass (2023) Frightfest 2023 Movie Review

Black Mass – Frightfest 2023 Movie Review 

Black Mass

Director: Devanny Pinn

Writer: Eric Pereira, Devanny Pinn, Brandon Slagle (Screenplay)



Plot: Inspired by real events, Black Mass is set over a 24-hour period in Florida during the winter of 1978 when college girls were being stalked by a serial killer.  

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes  

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review 

Story: Black Mass starts when a man known only as Me (Sykes) starts lurking around a college campus. He finds a sorority house filled with women to stalk the students in, including Lori (Hamilton), Meredith (Romano) and others.

As the stalker gets closer to the women, he starts trying to learn about their lives. Meanwhile, the women continue their lives like nothing has changed. Until the stalker unleashes his rampage on the sorority.  

Verdict on Black Mass

Black Mass is a horror thriller following the real horrific events of the Black Mass killing spree. It was one of the most famous done by the serial killer and we get to follow the slow stalking of the killer. This all leads up to the event that shocked the world.

When it comes to the pure number of movies we get about this serial killer, it is spiralling out of hand. The idea of focusing on one instance of his dark mind for 24 hours brings disturbing factors to the table. This being shot like it was in the era of the late 70s helps and the pure stalker side of the film is terrifying to watch. However, once we step away from that, we get a violent side that brings nothing fresh to the table and even a desire to jump into a supernatural motivation. This takes away the hard work the first half of the film creates and leaves the rest feeling like every other movie about the serial killer, not the victims. 

Final ThoughtsBlack Mass has a great 70s feel to everything and a chilling stalker performance.

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