Battle for Pandora (2022) Movie Review

Battle for Pandora – Movie Review

Battle for Pandora

Director: Noah Luke

Writer: Rolfe Kanefsky, Joe Roche (Screenplay)


  • Tom Sizemore (Bermuda Island)
  • Natalie Storrs (Attack on Titan)
  • Mark Ricketson
  • Kristos Andrews (Survive the Game)
  • Michael Scovotti

Plot: After a help signal from a research vessel makes it back to Earth, the U.S. Space Force sends a rescue ship to Pandora, a moon of Saturn. But when they try to land, they discover Pandora is inhabited by a highly evolved humanoid species.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Battle for Pandora starts when a group of scientists’ head to a remote planet Pandora. Commander Lewis (Sizemore) pilots a rescue ship with Dr Jennifer Ryan (Storrs) and Dr Cliff Ryan (Ricketson) to find the survivors.

Upon arriving on the planet, the Ryans learn there is a bigger threat in the water. Rescuing the survivors from the previous mission, they must figure out how to get home, knowing they could bring a deadly threat back.

Verdict on Battle for Pandora

Battle for Pandora is a low-budget sci-fi mystery thriller. It follows two groups of scientists that must work together to investigate a new planet. However, once they land, they learn of a threat that could affect everyone back home on earth.

This is clearly the knock-off version of Avatar, continuing The Asylum’s mission to cash in on the Blockbusters with Mockbusters. It turns the table completely on the story, as it makes life on the planet a threat. While the humans are being attacked. Slapping the names of bigger franchises on the movie doesn’t help make it any more interesting. Despite it offering up a bigger question about an alien virus from a potentially another planet.

Final Thoughts Battle for Pandora is a standard low-budget mockbuster.

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