As I Am (2019) Movie Review

As I Am – Powerful

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Director: Guy Davies

Writer: Guy Davies (Screenplay) Matthew Brawley (Story)

Cast: Harry Lloyd, James Faulkner, Joshua Glenister, Kim Spearman, Kate Isitt, Jack Gouldbourne

Plot: Set in the English countryside, As I Am depicts small town adolescence. One week of school remains for Kai, an aspiring writer, and his friends. How they spend this time will cost one of them their life and leave them changed forever.

Runtime: 2 Hours 5 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: As I Am starts as three friends Kai (Glenister), Megsy (Gouldbourne) and Sammy (Frances) are preparing for life after school. Kai has set his own plan to leave town, to become a writer. His friends on the other hand are facing bleaker futures. Ones that might see them stuck in the town for the rest of their lives.

As the final week unfolds Kai starts to learn the troubles of his best friend, Sammy. His neighbour Grace (Spearman) and wants to help them discover themselves before the summer is through.

Thoughts on As I Am

As I Am is a life drama following a group of friends preparing for life. One that will show the union between three, even if they mix between other groups. They will need to be together, helping prepare them for the next stage of life. The stage where they will be going in different directions.

This will be a drama that shows how empty people could feel going forward. It will show the importance of friendship and being together through the tough spell in life. It plays into the idea that you are only young once and you should enjoy yourself. Making the most of each and every moment.

The film will give us a series of strong performance from the whole cast. The three leads show great chemistry together, making a realistic friendship.

Final Thoughts As I Am is a powerful coming of age tale.

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