Angie: Lost Girls (2020) Movie Review ‘Chilling Message’

Angie: Lost Girls – Chilling Message


Director: Julia Verdin

Writer: Janet Odogwu, Julia Verdin (Screenplay)

Starring: Jane Widdop, Anthony Montgomery, Lindsey Da Sylveira, Olivia D’Abo, Randall Batinkoff, Dyland Sprayberry, Marty Dew Cherie Jiminez

Plot: After escaping from a sex trafficking ring, one teenage girl struggles to reconnect with herself and her family. To rescue her helpless friends, she must confront her own fears and help lead the police to her traffickers – at all costs.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Angie: Lost Girls starts when Angie Morgan (Widdop) a high school musician whose has always had the reputation of being a good girl, suddenly goes missing after her latest show. Angie is dragged into an underworld of sex trafficking, while her parents Hayley (d’Abo) and Dan (Batinkoff) desperately search for her.

After Angie finds her way out of this world, she struggles to connect to her old life, her family, constantly looking over her shoulder in fear of her captors finding her.

Thoughts on Angie: Lost Girls

Characters & Performances – Angie is the 16-year-old high school student that finds herself with a new boyfriend, saying everything to make her feel special, only to learn he has been preparing her to take into the sex trafficking world. Forced to perform with threats, she is left feeling helpless, terrified, and alone. She gets put through the horrors of the world before escaping, living in even more fear than before, fearing they will come back to find her. Jane Widdop gives us an incredible performance, one that starts with the enjoyment of life, before showing us the shattered life she is going through. Hayley and Dan are the overly busy parents that don’t seem to know everything Angie is doing, before doing everything they can to get her back and help her with her recovery, while feeling just as helpless. Chase is the detective who is trying to take the ring down before they have more victims, he is doing everything he can, despite being left in the middle of knowing he can’t push Angie for more information. We have the leading members of the ring, Ida and Deacon who will use every trick in the book to make the young girls and women believe that they have no choice by to stay with them. The performances from the supporting cast are all great, with each performer bringing their characters to life.

StoryThe story here follows a teenage girl that is kidnapped into the sex trafficking world, where she is forced into countless encounters, having threats to keep here there, before her escape, where we see the fear she continues to live in. This story is putting a firm message about the dangers in everyday life and how the sex traffickers can find their victims, offering them promises that will lure them away from their life. The story has a chilling way to show how easily the victims can be manipulated to remain in the horrors of the world. This is going to be one of the hardest watches of the year, with every sequence Angie is going through, will leave you feeling broken, just like the character.

ThemesAngie: Lost Girls is a drama that is showing how the sex traffickers operate in the world, it will show the environments they work in, show how secure they will make their world. This will give us moments of suspense as we see how the girls will try to escape this world, showing the dangers involved that they will be facing.

Angie: Lost Girls will be released on UK Digital Download and On Demand from 13th September.

Final Thoughts Angie: Lost Girls is a disturbing movie that will leave a haunting impression.

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