American Royalty (2022) Movie Review


American Royalty – Movie Review

Director: Daniel Fisher, Stephen Fisher

Plot: The American Royalty docuseries showcases an in-depth perspective of the Miss America Pageant. Experience the hundred-year history, influence, controversy, and evolution of this iconic institution.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on American Royalty

American Royalty is a documentary that explores the history of the Miss America Pageant. This gets to show how it first started right through how it has evolved throughout the years. We go through controversial events and attempts to maintain the popularity behind it all.

The movie gets to cover the different motivations behind the changes. This includes improving the financial reward and television ratings. Throughout the movie, we get to meet a host of different winners, from different generations. This gives us a chance to see what it meant to them to win, how it changed their lives and what makes it so important for them to win.

If you are looking for the history of Miss America, this gives you everything you need to see. The added responsibilities of winning are shown too, taking us down a path not always seen in the public eye.

Final Thoughts American Royalty is an interesting journey into Miss America’s history.

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