Alpha Code (2020) Movie Review ‘Ambitious Sci-Fi Movie’

Alpha Code – Ambitious Sci-fi Movie

Alpha Code Poster

Director: Keoni Waxman

Writer: Keoni Waxman (Screenplay) Milan Friedrich (Story)

Starring: Bren Foster, Denise Richards, Randy Couture, Marek Vasut, Sabina Rojkova, Jordan Haj

Plot: Johana, a woman with no past, is hiding from a UN Agent Bowie, a head of secret space program. On her run she meets Martin and with help of Bowie’s ex-colleague Lance they both help Martin to find his half alien daughter.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alpha Code starts as Martin Fell (Foster) has an unexplained experience in his home. Where his daughter Teri (Rojkova) vanishes, leaving Martin injured. Questioned by Agent Ray Bowie (Couture).

When Martin learns about Ray’s motivations, he goes on the run, until he meets Johana (Richards). Who starts to fill in the answers Martin is having, as she too is searching for something lost. Lance Ivanov (Vasut) helping the two stay ahead of Ray, on the run.

Thoughts on Alpha Code

Characters & Performances

Martin Fell is the man who is searching for his daughter after an unexplained event saw her vanish suddenly. He will find himself getting tracked down by government agents. Before teaming up with other people that have experienced the same thing.

Johana is a woman that offers to help Martin, she too has been struggling with memories from her past. Finding herself tracked by the agents. She does know more than Martin, filling in blanks that he has questions about.

Agent Ray Bowie is the man looking to hunt down Martin and Johana. Leading a team he is looking to clean up any loose ends when it comes to the alien involvement on Earth.

The performances in this movie are not the strongest. The connection between Bren Foster and Denise Richards never feeling as connected as it wants to.


The story here will follow a father that is forced into going on the run after his daughter disappears thought a mysterious event. We follow him as he meets other people on the run, searching for the truth. Which will leave them learning about their connection to their alien visitors.

In what is a story beat we have seen concepts about before. The idea that someone needing to go on the run to learn about the truth of alien involvement in humanity. Typical government group hunting them down. Alpha Code might not end up being the biggest change in the ideas, it will give us everything needed to create the world we are in.


Alpha Code is a sci-fi mystery movie that will look to expose the involvement of aliens within the everyday world around us. As well as the government agents looking to get rid of them. The locations create the open space, which will be the typical on the run locations. We get the special effects that do work for the bigger moments in the film, with most of the bigger moments in the final outcome.

Final Thoughts Alpha Code is an ambitious sci-fi movie that feels like it wants to be bigger.

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