5 Essential Jessie Buckley Performances to Watch Before ‘Men’

5 Essential Jessie Buckley Performances to Watch Before ‘Men’

Jessie Buckley has made a major impact in the acting world over the past few years, being one of the brightest sparks in the acting industry. Jessie earnt her first Oscar nomination in 2022. Following with her three BAFTA’s which included missing out of the ‘EE Rising Star Award’ to Letitia Wright. Who was fresh off the back of Black Panther. The amazing list of talent including Barry Keoghan, Cynthia Erivo and LaKeith Stanfield. Outside of the smaller role in 2020’s ‘Dolittle’. Jessie has tended to stay away from the biggest blockbuster. Focusing on picking interesting and compelling characters, with ‘Men’ being her latest project.

Today, I am looking at the five best acting performances you should be checking out before watching ‘Men’, feel free to suggest others in the comments below.


Beast is one of the first movies Jessie Buckley starred in. One that got people talking about her abilities as an actress. Jessie plays Moll who falls in love with a newcomer in town. Finding herself needing to defend him as he becomes the prime suspect for a crime on the tiny island home. Beast is a beautiful mystery romance drama that is one that will keep you on edge. As we wait to learn the truth about what is going on within the story.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose will see Jessie Buckley bring to life a troubled young Glaswegian woman Rose-Lynn. Who is trying to rebuild her life after being released from prison, getting her child back. Chasing her dreams of being a country singer. Wild Rose is the movie that firmly made every stop and pay attention to Jessie Buckley. One of the most popular films from 2018, one that everyone campaigned for award recognition. Wild Rose might still be her best performance. Best movie and one of the most uplifting movies about dreams and life needing a difficult balance.


Chernobyl is one of the greatest mini-series ever made. Jessie plays Lyudmilla Ignatenko the wife of one of the victims of the first outbreak. Who ends up spending too much time around her husband, waiting for answers. Only learning the truth of what has been happening because of the disaster. Chernobyl has the best acting by an amazing cast. Jessie brings us a character that isn’t involved in the intense sequence, more the consequences. Bringing the character we see how their life will change forever.


Misbehaviour is a comedy drama following a group of women who are looking to disrupt the 1970 Miss World Beauty Competition. Jessie Buckley plays Jo Robinson who leads the rebellious group. Being a complete free spirit guiding Sally in her actions in what they want to change. The one that will lead actions, while Sally will bring the more political approach to dealing with the change.

The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter Jessie plays a younger version of Leda, with Olivia Colman taking the older version. Leda that Jessie plays is the one that will be around her growing daughters. The struggling mother, dealing with a professional career and her own love life woes. This is the performance that got her an Oscar nomination. With her supporting role having the emotional impact to what is happening to the later character.

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