Alleycats (2016) Movie Review

Alleycats – Movie Review


Director: Ian Bonhôte

Writer: Max Kinnings, Simon Uttley, Anthea Anka (Screenplay)

Writer: Ian Bonhôte, Max Kinnings (Story)


Plot: When bike courier Chris witnesses what looks like a murder, his first instinct is to cut and run. But when his curiosity draws him back in, he’s soon embroiled in a world of corruption, political power, and illegal bike racing.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alleycats starts when Danni (Tomlinson) reunites with her bike courier brother Chris (Whitehouse). This sees her reunite with old friends leading to partying around the city. However, after Chris witnesses a murder, he becomes a target of people trying to cover it up.

This sees Chris, Danni and the rest of the courier gang being tracked across the city in search of answers. They find themselves dealing with the blackmail of a politically powerful man who wants to keep things quiet.

Verdict on Alleycats

Alleycats is an action thriller following a young woman who finds herself thrown into a mystery her brother is involved in. It sees her need to follow the clues and stay ahead of the people trying to stop them from revealing the truth.

This takes us into the world of a bike courier around London. It is happy to show us the bond the people in the world have while being targeted by political powerplay to keep a secret. This does everything it needs to as we are left to keep guessing along the way. The action uses the different directions that bikes can take away from cars, however, it doesn’t do too much original. This is entertaining enough and a solid little bit of entertainment.

Final ThoughtsAlleycats is an entertaining action thriller.

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