Aliens Uncovered: Origins (2023) Movie Review


Aliens Uncovered Origins – Movie Review

Director: Clive Christopher

Plot: The crash of Roswell wasn’t meant for New Mexico. In 1947, a neighbouring state had 3 major sightings that were swept under the rug. With The Phoenix Light’s and Travis Walton’s “Fire in the Sky”, there’s a rich history of UFO involvement in Arizona. This film focuses on fresh UFO content from the present day, containing interviews with residents and law enforcement officers statewide.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Aliens Uncovered Origins

Aliens Uncovered Origins is a documentary exploring the connection between the American military and UFOs. It takes us on a journey through history showing the different incidents. We get to explore the evidence, while it feels more like deep diving into a conspiracy.

There are a lot of documentaries exploring the same subject matter. However, because of this, we don’t seem to get that much new material and we are now in a stage where most are in speculation of evidence. We are unlikely to ever learn the truth about anything that is being discussed.

Sadly, if you have seen a documentary on the same subject, this feels like it offers very little new. If you want to learn small details you might pick up a few bits of information.

Final ThoughtsAliens Uncovered Origins feels like a documentary we have seen before.

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