Adopting Audrey (2021) Movie Review


Adopting Audrey – Movie Review

Director: M. Cahill

Writer: M. Cahill (Screenplay)


Plot: An adult woman puts herself up for adoption and forms a bond with the misanthropic patriarch of her adoptive family. Based on a true story.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Adopting Audrey starts as a woman Audrey (Malone) finds her life going nowhere. She is struggling to get through her days, her career is going nowhere and she wants something new. One day, she starts suffering the internet and learns about adult adoption and decides to put herself up for adoption.

Audrey ends up moving in with Otto (Hunger-Bühler) and Sunny (Kuroda). She gets to meet the rest of the small family and finds herself welcomed by the estranged family, despite them having their own problems.

Verdict on Adopting Audrey

Adopting Audrey is a drama that follows a woman who is struggling to find her place in the world. She gets no enjoyment out of everyday things and has become incredibly lonely. After she discovers adult adoption, she moves in with a family and gets to learn more about life.

This is loosely based on a real story and shows that life can become difficult if you are unsure of where to go next. It has a wonderful performance from Jena Malone as she brings a grounded, yet lost figure to life. Deep down this movie has a big meaning, that you can figure life out, just take your own time to do so and people will be there to support you.

Where to Watch: Adopting Audrey will be available on Digital Download from 14th March.

Final ThoughtsAdopting Audrey is a touching drama about finding yourself.

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