Adam & The Water (2022) Movie Review

Adam & The Water – Movie Review

Adam & The Water

Director: Matthew Appleby

Writer: Matthew Appleby (Screenplay)


  • Qado (Lovers Lost)
  • Elisa Alemparte
  • Laine Korn
  • Matt Consalvo
  • Jimena Herrero

Plot: Adam is stuck. Anxious. Alone. Trapped in a nine to five. Lost without purpose, he meets Eva. As she enters Adam’s life, something changes, and a new reality awakens him.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Adam & The Water starts as we meet Adam (Qado), a man that lives a typical life. He finds himself trapped in a nine-to-five job and feels like he has no purpose. His life changes when he meets Eva (Alemparte) a woman that helps him see life through different eyes.

However, not everything seems to be what it is and Adam sees his own life spiralling out of control.

Verdict on Adam & The Water

Adam & The Water is a romantic fantasy following a lonely man who meets a mysterious woman. It seems to start to turn his life around, however, not everything is complete as it seems.

This is a movie that gets to focus on what we would like in life, over what we can have in life. It highlights the dependence on technology and how people can become isolated in this world. There is a clear message that people are now missing the signs that others need help and cover it up in fantasies that play out in their heads. It is told in a strange method that is really interesting to see unfold.

Final Thoughts Adam & the Water is a nice look at how life can become boring.

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