Accidental Family (2022) Movie Review

Accidental Family – Movie Review

Accidental Family

Director: Jason Hudson

Writer: Jason Hudson (Screenplay)


  • Kinsey Leigh Redmond
  • Justen Jones
  • Michelle Davidson
  • Stephen Matlock
  • Chad Crenshaw

Plot: A shy lonely genealogist finally discovers the perfect family and the love of her life. The problem is they just don’t know it yet and mistakenly think she’s a long lost relative.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Accidental Family starts when genealogist Olivia Strauss (Redmond) is trying to inform the Bailey family of a long-lost relative. She accidentally gets knocked out, with the family believing she is the relative. Olivia gets welcomed into the family and finds it difficult to explain the truth, accepting her place in the family.

As Olivia gets close to the family, she starts spending time with her crush Alex (Jones), a member of the family. Making her decision to reveal the truth even more difficult, as she learns about his fiancée Megan (Davidson).

Verdict on Accidental Family

Accidental Family is a comedy that follows a lonely woman who has never had family, who is accidentally welcomed into a family. Feeling welcomed, she doesn’t tell the family the truth and gets caught up in being accepted for once. Only she knows the truth will come back to haunt her, as she tries to reveal the truth.

In a story that is told from an Angel’s point of view, it shows how people might not always understand their place in life. They might find themselves feeling alone without understanding that friends become family. This goes in a fun direction, one we have seen before and one that works very well for the comedy genre.

Kinsey Leigh Redmond is fun in the leading role. She brings a calamity style to her character, as well as the charm needed for her character. This ends up being a fun comedy that gets the laughs when needed and the serious side when needed too.

Final ThoughtsAccidental Family is a fun, enjoyable comedy.

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