ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – U – U-Turn (2016) Movie Review

Director: Pawan Kumar

Writer: Pawan Kumar (Screenplay)

Starring: Shraddha Srinath, Dileep Raj, Roger Narayan, Krishna Hebbale, Shanda Ashok, Delson D’Souza

Plot: A journalist who intents to write an article on traffic rule breakers gets dragged into a whirlpool of murder cases and deception.

Runtime: 2 Hours

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: U-Turn starts when intern for the Indian Express Rachana (Srinath) start looking into her own story, following the incidents involved traffic rule breakers who move the divides on a busy flyover for a quick U-turn and never return them.

When one of these men end up dead in an apparent suicide, Rachana becomes the prime suspect and the case only gets more complicated when everyone of the number plates she has received has died the same way. Rachana must prove to Inspector Nayak (Narayan) she has no involvement in deaths before the police run out of patience with her.

Thoughts on U-Turn

ThoughtsU-Turn is a crime horror mystery that will see a reporter teaming up with a police officer to investigate the connection between a string of deaths and their involvement with making illegal U-turns on a busy flyover. This is a story that will put more focus on the potential involvement of the reporter than on the mystery itself, which will leave us waiting for the deeper side to what is going on people who broke the traffic rules, even if it could have got here a lot quicker, the simplest mistake could be what causes the biggest accident in life. This does end up giving us a story that will play out very well, giving us a mystery that will make you want to see where things will unfold with one of the best second halves of a movie in the spirit trapped wanting answers genre of film. We do have some great performances, with Shraddha Srinath in the leading role doing an excellent job. This is a movie you can get plenty out of and has gone on to be remade for different cultures view on the afterlife in the future.

Final Thoughts U-Turn is a great mystery that will bring the scare along the way.

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