ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – D – Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020) Movie Review

Director: John Pogue

Writer: Dirk Blackman (Screenplay)

Starring: Tania Raymonde, Nathaniel Buzolic, Emerson Brooks, Bren Foster, Reina Aoi, Alex Bhat, Siya Mayola

Plot: Studying the effects of climate change off the coast of Mozambique, a marine biologist and her team confront three genetically enhanced bull sharks. Now, a new bloodbath is waiting to happen in the name of science. Will humans never learn?

Tagline – Deadlier Than Ever.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Deep Blue Sea 3 starts as we meet environmentalist marine biologist Emma (Raymonde) who has been studying a nursery of an abandoned Mozambique village that is being engulfed by the ocean. Her team is small with Eugene (Brooks), Miya (Aoi) and Spinnaker (Bhat) noticing changes in the area.

When Richard Lowell (Buzolic) an ex-boyfriend of Emma arrives searching for the bull sharks which escaped from the last movie, they two must put their differences aside to protect the area, if they are ever going to make it out alive.

Thoughts on Deep Blue Sea 3

Characters & Performances – Emma Collins is the marine biologist that is studying the effects of climate change on an ocean village above and below the water, she only wants the best for the wildlife in the ocean. When her ex-boyfriend arrives, she gets to realize why she is happening away from people, after seeing what they have done to get what they want with wildlife. Tania Raymonde does do a good job in leading role, with the confidence in her characters belief. Richard Lowell is the ex-boyfriend whose job it is to track down these sharks, he starts off friendly, but he never gives away the full nature behind what he is after with the visit. He does try to do the right thing for human life but doesn’t care about the damage done to the wildlife, which is more than can be said about the crew. Nathaniel Buzolic does make this character feel like someone torn between both options. Shaw is the loyal member of Emma’s team, he knows the ocean better than anyone and knows what it means to fight back against the dangers coming. Lucas is the psychotic member of the other team that will do anything to clean up the mess, he doesn’t care who he leaves in his path, animal or human. While these characters are all that we would expect the performances from the actors are an improvement from the last film, with better written characters.

StoryThe story here follows a small ocean fishing village that has already started to be lost to the ocean, when it becomes the target of a group escape enhanced sharks, with mercenaries looking to clean up the problems. This story is at least different from the first two, while also being a sequel, showing the effects of the research if the sharks escaped, putting together the balance of finding a solution that doesn’t cause more damage and just getting it cleaned up quickly. While the question is put out there, the way everything unfolds does end up leaving you wonder which would have been right, with the body count involved. This story is easy to watch, you can see what will happen through the film, and certain moments do get good pay offs.

ThemesDeep Blue Sea 3 is a shark attack action horror that follows the same formula for attacks, which in this one has comically head biting off, with sci-fi elements as the humans can control what the sharks do. The location is a nice change, with it being a more contained floating village in the ocean, which could be attacked a lot easier, leaving more of the action on the surface level.


Deep Blue Sea 3 is an improvement on the last outing without reaching the heights of the original.

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