ABC Film Challenge – Romance – G – The Competition (2018) Movie Review

This is under G because of the Gena character in the film.

Director: Harvey Lowry

Writer: Kelsey Tucker (Screenplay)

Starring: Thora Birch, Chris Klein, Claire Coffee, David Blue, Gabrielle Stone, Jason Tobias, Tiffany Fallon

Plot: The main character (Thora Birch) follows the “PIG Theory” and ends relationships after six months in order to avoid heartache until she meets a man (Chris Klein) who wants to disprove her theory.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Competition starts when Calvin’s (Klein) boss Gena (Coffee) challenges him to help her sister Lauren (Birch) shake the pig theory, where relationships should end after 6 months before heartache.

The two do hit it off, while creating a competition between the two, showing that five of Calvin’s friends wouldn’t cheat with temptation around them, if they don’t, Lauren must give up the pig theory blog, if she loses, but if she wins, Calvin has to write a forward for her book.

Thoughts on The Competition

ThoughtsThe Competition is a romantic comedy that will show how people have started to follow trends instead of following their hearts when it comes to love. This does put the competition as an early bonding moment in the relationship between the two, rather than holding it back as part of a game, which is could easily have become. It will show that you don’t always know the people you are closest too, with their actions in life either. The story will follow the generic formula, that was always only going to be going one direction, pushing to make Lauren change her mind about love, almost showing her to be the flawed person, without getting to the reason why she believes in this theory. Thora Birch and Chris Klein are both great in the leading roles, getting plenty of laughs along the way and it is great to see the pair back on the big screen.

Final Thoughts The Competition is a by the book romantic comedy.

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