ABC Film Challenge – Oscar Nominations – R – Rachel Morrison

Oscar Nominations



Rachel Morrison

Why I’ve Picked this choiceRachel is the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Cinematography, not only will she be remembered as the first, it is well deserved with her work on Mudbound. If you are to look back over her career will notice some impressive movies on the list too, indie darling ‘Dope’ Michael B Jordan’s and Ryan Coogler’s break out movie ‘Fruitvale Station’ and the hugely underappreciated ‘Sound of My Voice’.

Rachel will now be an example to woman wanting to make a career in Hollywood in roles such as Cinematography, put yourself aside brilliant filmmakers and you reward will come your way. The biggest project of her career is coming up in Marvel’s Black Panther where she gets to reteam with Coogler and Jordan to bring us the next chapter of the saga.


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