ABC Film Challenge – Oscar Nomination – R – The Last Duel (2021) Movie Review

This is under R because of director Ridley Scott.

Director: Ridley Scott

Writer: Nicole Holofcener, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon (Screenplay)

Starring: Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Harriet Walter, Ben Affleck, Alex Lawther, Marton Csokas, William Houston

Plot: King Charles VI declares that Knight Jean de Carrouges settle his dispute with his squire by challenging him to a duel.

Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Last Duel starts as we see the preparation for the big duel, before we break of to see Sir Jean de Carrouges (Damon) side of the story, how he went from one of the most loyal knights, to a man outcast by Pierre d’Alencon (Affleck).

As Sir Jean finds an unhealthy rivalry with Jacques Le Gris (Driver), the story gets to show what he did to push the tension too far, before showing the problems from Marguerite de Carrouges (Comer) point of view.

Thoughts on The Last Duel

ThoughtsThe Last Duel is a film that will look to tell one story, from three points of views, each will shine a different light on events in the film. The problem with the story in The Last Duel, comes from the fact, the story itself isn’t the most interesting, more along the knights, kings and powerful men in the past, getting to do what they want with no consequences. Jodie Comer shines in this role, while Matt Damon and Adam Driver are strong in their roles in the film. The last Duel is a movie that does on too long, continues to look at the nativity of previous generations about how to treat people, mostly women, leaving you feeling frustrated more than entertained. When it comes to the final duel, it also comes off clunky, not being a fight that needed to get there either.

Final Thoughts The Last Duel is a long drawn out movie that brings very little to a tired genre.


  1. I really dislike when any Director uses “these kids today” as a reason a film bombs. This looked dreary, the promos didn’t change that, and your review seems to reinforce that…it’s now on cable but I still may not waste time trying to watch it!

    • I generally don’t like this era of films, I hate looking back at what people thought was acceptable in history, I only went to watch it because of the Oscar talk about it

      • Yes, I was intrigued at first…not sure who they thought was a mainstream market for this…it feels like something Netflix would finance just to be in business with them all!

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