ABC Film Challenge – Favourites – R – Resident Evil (2002) Movie Thoughts

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Resident Evil

Why I’ve Picked this choiceResident Evil is a franchise that has gone on for two decades now, it was the birth of the horror video game to movie craze, after years of following the fighting games had been given a mixed reception. In a time in 2002, when horror was lacking an identity in the American cinema, Resident Evil started to try and do something different.

For me the Resident Evil movies are films you can always put on and enjoy, they never take themselves too seriously, which will help make them an easy watch. As someone that never played the games seriously either, I don’t find myself getting upset that certain favourites from the franchise don’t appear in the film.

Milla Jovovich became a horror icon with her role here, one that she maintained for the two decade run of the franchise, with the supporting cast including a feisty Michelle Rodriguez all come off strong through the film.

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