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Edge of Tomorrow

Why I’ve Picked this choiceEdge of Tomorrow follows a media relation military major Cage (Tom Cruise) that gets thrown into the front line of the war against an alien species that is dominating the war, only he dies. Cage wakes up the day before, finding himself knowing what will happen in the battle, trying to explain this to people, he finds himself making enemies until he meets the super soldier Rita (Emily Blunt). Rita also experienced the same experience and helps Cage learn to lead the fight to win the war once and for all.

This is a big sci-fi action film that isn’t afraid to show us the brutal death scenes, adds humour to what is happening, despite the brutality of them. This is a film that under performed at the box office, but people talk about know as one of the best modern-day sci-fi movies.

It has become one of the films that is easy to watch, made Emily Blunt a true action star and is one that we could get a sequel out of one day, one that we deserve a sequel too.

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