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Favourite Films of 2018


Game Night

Why I’ve Picked this choiceWhen it comes to comedy, I always say it takes a certain type that will get me to enjoy it, this is one of those times, this was easily a surprise package of the year when it comes to comedy. It has a clever idea where things can get out of hand, it brings us a cast that all have perfect timing and the reactions only add to the comedy. For me this is the comedy of the year and one I would like to enjoy again.


  1. LOVED this film – the scene in the car with the egg was hysterical! I hope they do another, Bateman and McAdams made a great team 😀

  2. SD Gates – I work in the medical field, but really want to be a full-time gardener or writer or something that does not require me having to take a shower every morning. I have to work to buy my plants. My favorite thing to do is sit on the patio, with my puppies, writing, staring at the garden, daydreaming the day away.
    SD Gates says:

    I actually enjoyed this film. I am not really into comedies, but I really liked “Game Night” and ended up watching the whole movie!!

  3. I agree completely! This was on the TV over the weekend so I gave it a rewatch and I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. Jason Bateman doesn’t normally disappoint 🙂

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