8 Remains (2018)


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: Juliane Block

Writer: Laura Sommer (Screenplay)

Starring: Maja-Celine Probst, Gregory B Waldis, Priscilla Wittman, Hanna Schmidt-Fob, Anne Alexander Sieder, Kevin Leslie


Plot: Preceding her death a young woman relives her life in a mirror world, giving her the chance to fight her killer.


Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Mind Bending Mystery


Story: 8 Remains starts when Talli (Probst) is on her latest date with Damian (Waldis) only for it to take a twist, as he murders her, instantly spawning next to the crime, Talli must navigate through a mirror world, which will see her confront her past, present and future as she must figure out how to save herself from the killer.

As Talli travels through doors, she must confront her own past, leaving her questioning each decision she has made, while trying to out to escape the circle she has become trapped in.


Thoughts on 8 Remains


Characters – Talli is a young woman starting a relationship with the older, richer Damian, her latest getaway to one of his castles will change everything, she must navigate through a mirror world which will force her to face her past, one that hasn’t been easy for her, if she wants a future she must survive this maze and confront her murderer. Damian is the killer that takes Talli’s life, only to continue to haunt her in the afterlife as she searches for answers. He is controlling everything and enjoying leaving the women tortured in this world he has created. Josephine is another woman with a connection to Damian trapped in this world, she advises Talli how to get out of this world.

PerformancesThe performance from Maja-Celine Probst is the highlight of the performers, she must take her character through the largest range of emotions and see makes each believable through the journey. Gregory B Waldis as the villainous figure works very well too, he makes you hate him which is the most important part of this performance. The supporting cast do everything asked of them without stealing the spotlight too.

StoryThe story is one that starts instantly by surprising us, it then becomes one that takes us on a journey that will be connected once everything has been seen, you will need to make sure you notice the smallest details to add the dots together. This story does remind me of another film that only I seem to have heard off ‘Left in Darkness’ which focuses on a victim tackling a killer after their death, only this one deals with the idea that she could escape this world. if you want to watch a story that will make you stop and think about everything you see, you will enjoy this one a lot.

MysteryA Mystery film that continues to make you think even when you think you know what is happening, this is something we all want right? This doesn’t let you down.

SettingsThe film keeps the settings simple, they are important locations in the life of Talli which explains why she is visiting them, they are used to help with the journey.

Special EffectsThe effects are used when needed, we focus on the idea of the mirror world having walls Talli can’t get through.

Scene of the Movie –
Taking control.

That Moment That Annoyed Me This is a blink and you might miss something movie.

Final ThoughtsThis is a mystery thriller that will keep you guessing, it will pull you in as you want to help Talli on her journey and it is anchored by a strong leading performance from Maja-Celine Probst.


Overall: Mystery film that keeps you guessing.





  1. I’ve never heard of this movie before, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that cast – but the movie sounds like something I would definitely enjoy! I love a good mystery 🙂

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