ABC Film Challenge – Adventure – H – Hell on the Border (2019) Movie Thoughts

Director: Wes Miller

Writer: Wes Miller (Screenplay)

Starring: David Gyasi, Ron Perlman, Frank Grillo, Manu Intiraymi, Chris Mullinax, Ashley Atwood, Gianni Capaldi

Plot: Arkansas, 1875, After shooting 5 men to save a judge and then going into Indian Territory after a lethal outlaw, Bass Reeves becomes the first black deputy marshal west of Mississippi.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hell on the Border starts as we see how black man Bass Reeves (Gyasi) works under a deputy and living a quiet farm life, one day he saves the towns Judge Parker (Intiraymi) from an ambush, giving him the promotion to Deputy himself.

With most of the town against Bass becoming a deputy, he volunteers to go after outlaw Bob Dozier (Grillo) to bring him to justice and earn his role of a deputy.

Thoughts on Hell on the Border

Final Thoughts Hell on the Border might well be about one of the first back deputies in America, but it does seem to struggle to get going with the story, it does feel like a weaker episode in a serial TV show, with how everything is crafted, the dialogue does feel very slow throughout, with very little happening throughout, and if anything does, it isn’t anything fresh. The performances are not the strongest either, with Ron Perlman seemingly having fun with a drunk criminal, while David Gyasi in the leading role, doesn’t seem to have the charisma required for the leading role. This is one of the least entertaining movies you will see, that is trying to teach about an important person, just never kicking into gear.

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