ABC Film Challenge – Action – G – One Shot (2021) Movie Review


With Ashley Greene starring, this will go under G.

Director: James Nunn

Writer: Jamie Russell (Screenplay) James Nunn (Story)

Starring: Scott Adkins, Ashely Greene, Ryan Phillippe, Emmanuel Imani, Dino Kelly, Jack Parr, Waleed Elgadi

Plot: An elite squad of Navy SEAL’s, on a covert mission to transport a prisoner off a CIA black site island prison, are trapped when insurgents attack while trying to rescue the same prisoner.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: One Shot starts when the Navy SEAL team led by Jake Harris (Adkins) leads a mission to a remote CIA black site prison, where analyst Zoe Anderson (Greene) needs to transfer a prisoner Amin Mansur (Elgadi).

When the prison comes under attack, Jake and his team must use their skills to save themselves and get the asset out alive with the potential of saving thousands from a bigger terrorist attack.

Thoughts on One Shot

ThoughtsOne Shot is action thriller created to be shot in one take, following the events of an attack on a CIA blacklist prison by terrorists looking to get rid of the one person that could expose their latest attack. One Shot will use the real time factor to create the intense storytelling, leaving us wondering what will happen next, as we follow both sides around the base, with needing to cut between them, adding plenty of layers to what is unfolding, as we only ever see one side of the attacks. Scott Adkins proves himself as a great action star, stepping into the military role with ease. The supporting cast are great too, as the film will leave you wanting to see the next chapter of the battle.

Final Thoughts One Shot is an intense relentless action thriller.

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