A Thousand Little Cuts (2022) Movie Review

A Thousand Little Cuts is a thriller that shows the pain of the trauma of the unknown incident.

Director: Josh Brandon

Writer: Josh Brandon (Screenplay)

Starring: Marina Sirtis, Colin Ferguson, Rebecca Liddiard, Randy Wayne, Darryl Cox, Andrew Creer

Plot: A young woman wakes up in a hospital, convinced she is recovering from minor surgery only to find herself in a battle of wits with a psychiatrist who can’t let her leave until she remembers “what happened that night.” Events turn a darker corner as doctor and patient try to unlock not only what traumatic event Anne is suppressing. But also who was there, why it happened, and why Anne’s subconscious is fighting so hard to prevent her from talking about it.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Thousand Little Cuts starts when Anne (Liddiard) finds herself waking up in a hospital. Talking to Doctor Monica Atlas (Sirtis) about why she is in hospital, only Anne thinks it is for a small ankle sprain.

As Anne starts discussing her past, she starts to tell the story of her new lover Tom (Creer). Which will help her learn more about what has caused her to end up in hospital. Not being prepared for the truth about an incident.

Thoughts on A Thousand Little Cuts

Characters & Performances

Anne is the young woman trying to piece together what happened to her leaving her in a hospital. She will get to sent through her life, seeing what changed in her life. With a breakup and new lover, but an incident that caused her in hospital keeps leaving her wondering what happened. Anne is an example of a victim that has blanked their memory. Needing support to help unlock the truth to give her a chance to start living again.

Monica Atlas is the doctor trying to help Anne unlock the night, she has a clam way to help her. Needing to fight back against the detective who is looking to close the case quickly. Detective Mike Olson is leading the investigation into the incident. He is running low on patients when it comes to getting the case closed. Tom is the new boyfriend of Anne, which will show the two sides of the man coming into Anne life. Rebecca Liddiard in the leading role is great, showing plenty of the life she has been through leading up to this moment.


The story here will follow a young woman being guided through the memories of a traumatic event she has been through. One that she can’t remember. The idea that an incident will leave the victim without a memory is something that will become key for the movie. Reflecting real life events victims could go through. The way this story unfolds, is smart, showing the new positive life Anne believes she is heading into. Which could have a connection to the incident that happened leaving her here. The story will keep us wondering about what did happen. As well as having the balance between the doctor and detective trying to get the truth out.


A Thousand Little Cuts is a thriller that will have the big incident happened at the beginning of the film, without giving away everything that is going on, leaving this on edge about what happened. The locations will show the everyday life that is shattered for Anne, showing this could happen to anyone.

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