A Song for Us (2022) Movie Review

A Song for Us – Movie Review

A Song for Us

Director: Peter Hitchcock

Writer: Peter Hitchcock (Screenplay)


  • Lisa Kovack
  • Haley Midgette
  • Keith McKie
  • Tyson Coady
  • Karen Scobie

Plot: A musician revisits a long-lost love from the Sixties and begins an emotional journey.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Song for Us starts as Corrina (Scobie) asks her mother Alice (Kovack) about a musician she filmed for a documentary. This takes us back to the sixties when Alice (Midgette) moved to Canada and met an artist colony Tom (Coady), Andrew (Evans) and Sally (Allen).

As Alice looks back on her life, for her first real love, she remembers how welcomed she became by the group.

As Tom continues to run from his past, he finds himself discussing why he is against the war. This sees the relationship between Tom and Alice pushed to the limits, as the swinging sixties start to take over their lives.

Verdict on A Song for Us


Alice is looking back on her life, from when she moved to Canada, fell in love and found a passion for music. We see two different ages in the character. First, is the older character who is looking back on her life, trying to help. Secondly, the younger one that first met Tom and adapted to her new home in Canada.

Tom is currently homeless drifting with his music and struggling to remember much about his life. In the younger version of himself, he was avoiding the draft in America, where his music kept him happy. In this time, we get to see the changes he went through, that made him feel more distant from Alice.

Along the journey, we see the characters from both times in their lives. Some helped keep them together and some bring them back together again.


Lisa Kovack and Haley Midgette as the two different Alice’s are both great, they show the enjoyment going forward and the memories looking back. Keith McKie and Tyson Coady do great as the pair of Toms, they also show the different lives the characters have been going through. The supporting cast is good here too, bringing the more serious moments when needed.


The story follows two old friends that look back on the life they once had, recounting the memories they had and the love they felt. This story explores two different times in Alice and Tom’s lives, showing the instant connection they have despite being years apart.

The story shows that love will last, even if people walk down different paths. Showing how life can be strange and people will always be there to help people on the road to recovery.


A Song for Us is a music-based drama set in Canada. It is set over two eras, that highlight the changes in life and the city. The songs used are moving and reflect the feelings the characters are experiencing.

Where to Watch:  A Song for Us is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Final Thoughts A Song for Us is a moving drama proving love can last forever.

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