A Small Fortune (2021) Movie Review


A Small Fortune – Movie Review

Director: Adam Perry

Writer: Adam Perry (Screenplay)


Plot: When a desperate man finds a bag of lost money off the shores of Prince Edward Island, his decision to keep it secret turns his quaint fishing village into a growing crime scene.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Small Fortune starts when Kevin (Oates) and his wife Sam (Balaban) have found themselves struggling for money. Sam is pushing Kevin to leave go and find work to help them with their soon-to-come baby. However, Kevin doesn’t want to, his luck changes when he discovers a bag of money off the shore.

Kevin decides to keep the bag a secret but soon finds the small-town attracting criminals. Police officers Susan Crowe (Bang) and Jim Bradley (Cooke) start searching for a suspect. Meanwhile, Troy (Hynes) arrives in search of his lost money.

Verdict on A Small Fortune

A Small Fortune is a thriller following a resident of a small town that has seen his family fall in hard times. Despite him being a good person, he is running out of options and running out of options. When he discovers a bag of money, it changes his fortune, however, the owner of the bag has other ideas as he searches for what is his.

This is a movie that gets to address the problems people are facing with money. It shows that honest people could be pushed to the limit in an attempt to fix things. The story is filled with twists and turns as things spiral out of control. In the end, this is another story of a bleak future given a spark of hope in a small American town. The performances are great with Stephen Oates showing the pain and desperation his character is going through.

Where to Watch: A Small Fortune is released On digital 8 May 2023.

Final Thoughts A Small Fortune reflects the bleak life in small-town America.

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