A Peloton of One (2020) Movie Review


Director: John Bernardo, Steven E Mallorca

Plot: A Peloton of One is an upcoming, full length documentary film that follows the journey of Dave Ohlmuller as he cycles alone, from Chicago, IL to Montclair, NJ. to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on A Peloton of One

ThoughtsA Peloton of One is a documentary that shows the incredible journey that a sexual abuse victim makes to raise awareness of the childhood sexual abuse he and many others have been through for years and highlight the legal process that that leaves the victims without the legal closure of what they suffered through. We get to hear a range of different stories that other victims have been through, be it the person who suffered who the family members who lost people who never recovered. This pushes it to get the law changed, take people out of the positions where they can do this again, even put them where they belong. This is an important look at what happened and highlights how important it is to support people that want to talk about the abuse they have been through.

Final Thoughts A Peloton of One is an important documentary about wanting change and finding a road to recovery.

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