7 Talking Points After Seeing Scream VI


7 Talking Points After Seeing Scream VI

Scream VI has slashed itself into the cinemas. The franchise continues to draw fans and create discussion and fan theory. It has become such a big part of the franchise, the movies themselves address them. This has created plenty of things to talk about in the aftermath of seeing Scream VI.


7 Talking Points After Seeing Scream VI

1 – Legacy Characters

Scream VI keeps Gale Weathers but loses Sidney Prescott. The replacement is Kirby Reed whom we haven’t seen since surviving Scream IV. Neve Campbell not returning was one of the biggest subjects on the table. In my personal feeling, I felt Sidney should be out of this world because she now has her own family. We can bring her back in when her children are teenage/young adult age. It will bring a bigger impact.

Kirby coming back was great to see and seeing a survivor of such an attack establishing themselves in the FBI shows how a person can turn the tables on the monsters. She has the best line in the movie that goes along the lines of ‘I don’t want to hide from the monsters, I want the monsters to hide from me’. Kirby also had a previous connection with Sam having attended high school at the same time.

On the other hand, Gale Weathers seems to have taken a bigger step back. She has once again cashed in on the previous killings and while she still has unbelievable journalistic investigation skills, that is all she brings here. Gale seems to be set up to be the legacy death only for her to survive her brutal attack. This might well be the weakest Gale we have seen and most shots at her are due to Dewey’s death last time out.

2 – Is Sam a Future Ghostface?

Sam being Billy Loomis’ daughter created an interesting layer to the character to start with. Now she has committed a murder in Scream 2022, something inside of her has changed. She has become the focus of an internet conspiracy that believes she is behind the killings. Sam struggles to connect and when it comes to defending her friends, she shows a different side. She shows a violent side that gets out of control when butchering the killers.

Sam has become the first of the legacy characters you feel could become a Ghostface killer. Her visions of Billy are still with her and seemingly on for her to talk to. She is ready to unleash everything on the people who hurt her, which could see her go on her own rampage.

3 – Was The Paramedic Stu?

Stu still being alive has become a rumour that spreads like wildfire. I couldn’t see him being in Scream VI because of the lack of Sidney. However, the movie has a line that suggests that Stu could still be alive, hinting at a rumour about it. I suggest he could have been the paramedic because Sam gives a lasting look as the Meeks-Martin twins are taken away and the camera seems to linger on him. This could have just been playing into the tease, as he wants to know where Sidney is.

4 – Best Killers Motivation

Scream VI is the first movie in the franchise to have three killers. This is something I predicted in my wild prediction article. The killers are the Bailey family, father, daughter and son. They are related to Richie one of the killers in the previous movie. Much like how Scream 2 brought a family member in Billy’s mother to the table for revenge. This time we get a full family affair, and it actually feels like a natural eye for an eye theory.

We add in how the killers managed to recruit others to help them, as we see from the opening sequence. A pair of students from the film school class Jason and Greg had been planning to kill Sam in revenge for their idol being killed. This also gets to paint the picture that we could have many more killers out there preparing for things to unfold.

5 – The Rules

One of the weaker parts of Scream VI is the rules scene. This tries to explain how to survive a franchise over the previous standard horror, sequel, trilogy, reboot and re-quel. It has become part of the franchise to have the rules spelt out to you and usually give a clue along the way. However, now things seem to have become a little bit too much and the explanation becomes too much to go through. You could get away with one scene explaining the rules, however, in any event, they do use the term the rules.

6 – Random Deaths

Scream VI is now the first movie in the franchise to see random people getting killed off. Outside of a few police officers who are wrong place wrong time, every kill has tended to seem planned. We meet the character and in Scream VI we see good Samaritans killed off. This does feel like a step in two directions, one shows the recklessness of the killers. While the other shows they could be deadlier than anything we have seen before.

However, it doesn’t seem to make sense because of how planned the attacks on Sam are. Putting this together with the idea that the killer could have attacked and killed Sam easily leaves a big hole in why they only chased.

7 – Will Sidney Return for Scream 7?

The biggest question is always going to be, Will Sidney Return? As previously mentioned, it does seem like she has moved away from the franchise. She has a younger family and it would add a different angle to the franchise. However, it feels like we could wait and save up for her return when her children become the latest target. In the meantime, we keep seeing people try and figure out if they the franchise can cope without her.

What are some of the talking points you have after seeing Scream VI?

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