7 Essential Space Movies to Watch Before Magdalena Lauritsch’s ‘Rubikon’

7 Essential Space Movies to Watch Before Magdalena Lauritsch’s ‘Rubikon’

Rubikon gets released by Signature Entertainment on 11th July 2022. Following a crew in a space station who must decide whether to risk their lives in returning to Earth. Searching for survivors from a toxic fog that has covered the Earth or stay in the safety of the space station. The full review of Rubikon will be available in a couple of days. With the idea today to suggest a couple of movies you could watch before seeing Rubikon, with the biggest point being about the human confliction of problems faced in space.


Duncan Jones Moon follows a lone astronaut Sam Bell who is on his stint on the moon base. When he has a quintessentially personal encounter towards the end of his stint. That will make him question everything he knows about the mission he is on. Sam Rockwell is fantastic in this lone role, which will see the bigger life decisions come to his character after the discovery. Which will ask you as well as him the bigger question about why we are doing the things we do.


Danny Boyle’s exceptional Sunshine follows an international team of astronauts that are sent on a mission to restart the dying sun with a nuclear fission bomb. Only for them to come across problems on their journey. In Sunshine the crew will have their own skills, meaning decisions are made on expert opinions over voting. Giving the characters a chance to look at the decisions being made in a way of looking at is the danger worth the reward.

This aspect of the story is by far one of the most interesting sides to this story, as well as having an all star cast in the movie. Including ‘Captain America Chris Evans, ‘Bridesmaids Rose Byrne, ‘Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once Michelle Yeoh, ‘The Meg Cliff Curtis, ‘Doctor Strange Benedict Wong, ‘The Last Samurai’ Hiroyuki Sanada and ‘1917’ Mark Strong.


Christian Alvart’s Pandorum follows two crew members who wake up from hypersleep. Only to find the spaceship off course and nobody waiting to swap with them. Leaving them to figure out what has happened on board, where they are not alone anymore. Pandorum might not put everything down to the pure decision-making process. It will see the people needing to survive, after a disaster has led them to search for a new home, keeping everything human or evolution of humanity based.

High Life

Claire Denis’s High Life follows a father and daughter struggling to survive deep space travel where they live in isolation. After the ship gets put in an unimaginable situation after cosmic rays hit the ship. High Life will look at a different subject to most of the rest. Seeing how deep space travel could be survived with people needing to be able to reproduce in space. If they are to remain awake, with this one diving into the must more horrific side to everything involved with deep space travel.


Daniel Espinosa’s Life follows a team of scientists on the international space station. Discovering a new life form that might have been the cause for extinction on Mars. Which would bring devastation if it ever made it back to Earth. Life is the only movie on this life that will use aliens in the plot, with the only reason it being on the list. Is because of the fact it will be dealing with the human factor of needing to learn about a potential new threat. While also needing to stop it reaching Earth. Putting the scientists into a difficult decision about how far they will let the life form evolve, before it becomes uncontrollable.

Ad Astra

James Gray’s Ad Astra follows an astronaut Roy McBride. Who is given a mission to travel across the Solar System in search of answers about his father’s mission. Who was lost over 30 years ago, only for it to have returned, with a potential threat for the universe. Roy is a very distant human, that shows no emotion. He is a perfect subject for a mission that is about keeping calm and reaching out. It what is one of the most beautiful sci-fi movies of recent years. We get to see this amazing journey across the Solar System. Giving us stunning colouring for each planet and a journey that is about saving the world.


Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar Winning Gravity completes this list. Following the two astronauts who find themselves floating around the Earth must work together to figure out a way to get to safety before their oxygen runs out. Gravity is the ultimate story about surviving. In a place where getting on a ship would be the only solution to this. It is incredibly intense with how the story unfolds. Leaving us on the edge of our seats, waiting to see if they can survive the disaster.

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