3 Ideas for the Third Orphan Movie

3 Ideas for the Third Orphan Movie

Orphan: First Kill has recently been released and surprised the horror community with a twist nobody saw coming. After the shocking twist ending in the original Orphan. The question now is, where can the Esther character go next?

This article will contain MAJOR spoilers for both Orphan and Orphan: First Kill.


Twists We Have Seen.

Orphan followed a family adopting Esther believing she is a young girl. The twist in the movie shocked people because nobody saw the idea that Esther was an adult woman with hypopituitarism. She is an escaped patient from an Estonian psychiatric facility and is known to be very dangerous to anyone who comes into her life.

Orphan: First Kill brought us into a prequel and if you saw the original movie, you knew about the age factor in Esther. We knew she would survive the movie, but we were left to wonder where the movie would go. The movie brings us an unexpected twist, as Esther believes she has found a perfect family to move to America with, pretending to be their lost daughter. This seems like a smart idea, but the twist comes with the mother Tricia and her son Gunnar knowing what really happened to the missing daughter. She was killed and they covered up the death. Esther finds herself needing to play along against a family that doesn’t want to see their daughter vanish again. This twist changes everything about how we see Esther, making us root for her to escape this family.

The question now is where do you take Esther next?

Esther at an American Orphanage

In the aftermath of Orphan First Kill, Esther finds herself taken to an Orphanage. Here she meets Sister Abigail for the first time and starts to show her advanced years and mature nature. Around the other orphans, we see her darker side, where she can be seen terrorising them. This also offers up a chance to see the different potential families for Esther to select to target for adoption.


  • It would be great to see Esther operate around nuns in an orphanage.
  • Esther around other orphans offers plenty of branches and a best friend who would do anything for her. Bully figures getting under her skin, seeing more of her psychotic side.
  • It could show secret operations to target families that adopt other children over her.


  • This would go against the enter-a-family concept previously created.
  • It would also skip over too much of the time between the two movies.
Esther Before the Estonian Facility

The Orphan series has already jumped back in time once, why not again. This would see a legitimate childhood of Esther. We could have some fun with Isabelle Fuhrman playing dual roles in the movie. Either as an older sister or mother that mistreats Esther. This could create more motivation behind why Esther has broken as well as a more serious side of a child growing up with the disease. Not understand why she isn’t growing like the others around her.


  • Digging deeper into Esther’s past.
  • A fun casting choice to keep the character completely connected.
  • Tackling a serious illness growing up with it and it causing more damage if not addressed.


  • It would become more serious.
  • Despite the fun casting twist, it might not click as well as it should.
Esther on a Rampage

Filling the gap between the previous two Orphan movies opens up plenty of space to work with. In First Kill, we see that not everything went to plan for the previously met organised Esther. The simplest sequel would see Esther adopted by a family, where she improved her plans to be a helpless orphan. This sees her welcomed into a new family where she goes on to complete her murderous rampage. If we wanted to throw a fun twist into the rampage, we could start to bring things full circle. This would see Esther witness and hear about John’s affair, explaining why she gets so close to him first in the orphanage from the original movie.


  • The easiest pro is that it keeps everything in line with what we have got before. Esther in a new family shows her darker side.
  • It can bring things more full circle with the attraction to John in the first movie.
  • We can see what happens when Esther completes a rampage, does she frame someone along the way too?
  • This would show how she has improved over the years, she shows a lot more mistakes in First Kill.


  • Do we need the film to completely connect up?
  • Would this mean that Esther changes orphanage between families?

These are the 3 ideas I have come up with for the next chapter of the Orphan movie series. They are done as a bit of fun, and I am sure we will find more creative minds to build other story concepts.


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