You Can’t Kill Stephen King (2012) Movie Review


You Can’t Kill Stephen King – ABC Film Challenge – Favourite – Y – You Can’t Kill Stephen King – Movie Review

Director: Ronnie Khalil, Monroe Mann, Jorge Valdes-Iga

Writer: Bob Madia (Screenplay)

Writer: Ronnie Khalil, Monroe Mann (Story)


  • Monroe Mann (Swimfan)
  • Ronnie Khalil
  • Crystal Arnette (Unicornland)
  • Kayle Blogna (Hell Fire)
  • Kate Costello (Carpe Noctem)

Plot: A group of friends visit a lake where horror author Stephen King lives, and start getting killed off one at a time.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: You Can’t Kill Stephen King follows six friends Monroe (Mann), Ronnie (Khalil), Hilary (Arnette), Nicole (Blogna), Kori (Costello) and Lamont (Brown) who head to Maine. Ronnie believes they can meet Stephen King, while the rest are just looking for a weekend away.

When Lamont goes missing, the friends start questioning what happened. After his body is discovered, they discover they have become targets of an unknown killer. Ronnie believes it has a connection to Stephen King novels and they need to understand them to survive.

Verdict on You Can’t Kill Stephen King

 You Can’t Kill Stephen King is a horror comedy following a group of friends looking to meet Stephen King. They head to Maine hoping to meet him, only to find people coming under attack from a mysterious killer. The group must figure out who the killer is before it is too late.

This is a fun horror comedy that gets to explore the history of Stephen King movies. It tries heavily to create kills that come from lesser-known King novels, with one character revealing the truth. This gets to use the slasher style of horror, which we don’t see that much anymore to have some fun. If you don’t take things too seriously, you will get some enjoyment out of this film.

Final ThoughtsYou Can’t Kill Stephen King is a fun little horror comedy.

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