Wrath of Souls (2020) Movie Review

Wrath of Souls – Movie Review

Wrath of Souls

Director: Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam

Writer: Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam, Charles Benedict, Mukund Ramanan (Screenplay)


Plot: A neighbourhood is plagued by mysterious tragedies when a young man becomes the conduit for an unknown spirit, the ‘AIYAI’ which lures victims to their chilling fates.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wrath of Souls starts when Kiran (Singh) starts working at the local cemetery for Albert Fisher (Huggett). Kiran is looking just to make ends meet. However, the local drunks cause problems in Kiran’s life.

After an incident at the cemetery, Kiran finds himself going through a change. This change creates tragedy around him as he has become possessed by an unknown evil spirit known as Aiyai.

Verdict on Wrath of Souls

Wrath of Souls is a horror thriller following a young cemetery worker that finds himself possessed by an evil spirit. It sees him solving the problems around his life in a violent manner, as his girlfriend looks to stop him from going too far.

This is a horror that uses an evil spirit to take over somebody’s life. It sees them causing problems in the nearby life with unexplained events. The moments get more horrific as the story unfolds leading to the big reveal of what really happened. When it comes to the different moments of horror, they are terrifying, but the bits between the struggle to keep up with the explaining of what is happening.

Where to Watch: Bulldog Film Distribution presents Wrath of Souls on VOD 29 May 2023

Final Thoughts Wrath of Souls has great horror moments throughout.

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