Witness (1985)

logoDirector: Peter Weir

Writer: Earl W. Wallace, William Kelley (Screenplay) Earl W. Wallace, William Kelley, Pamela Wallace (Story)

Starring: Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, Josef Sommer, Lukas Haas, Jan Rubes, Alexander Godunov, Danny Glover, Brent Jennings


Plot: When an Amish family Rachel (McGillis) and Samuel (Haas) go to the big city, little Samuel witnesses a murder. Police Detective John Book (Ford) promises to look after Samuel as he tries to track down who the killer was, but when it turns out to be in inside job John takes the family back to Amish country to hide out.


Verdict: A great crime story

Story: Most films using the keep the witness safe are all very action heavy, this one goes outside the box showing how one man has to learn to embrace another culture to survive and bring out the truth. Mix in a romantic story we get something very special that is fully deserved it Oscar nomination. (9/10)


Actor Review: Harrison Ford – John Book a detective that hides his witness in Amish country and learns about their ways, he learns so much that he ends up being accepted into the community. Great performance that is one of his best acting performance of his career. Star Performance Award (10/10)


Actor Review: Kelly McGillis – Rachel, the mother of the witness and romantic interest of John. Great performance in what was one of her first screen roles. (9/10)


Actor Review: Josef Sommer – Leader of the corrupt cops trying to cover up his crimes. Good villainous performance but doesn’t get enough screen time to shine. (7/10)


Actor Review: Lukas Haas – Samuel the witness of the crime, full of young innocent throughout. Great performance from the young boy, who has gone on to be part of some of the biggest films in recent years. (9/10)


Director Review: Peter Weir – One of the best directors in Hollywood first American based film and this was great. (9/10)


Crime: The crime story sometimes takes a back story to what is going on but is still important to everything that happens. (9/10)

Drama: Great dramatic scenes to create the story. (9/10)

Romance: The chemistry between Ford and McGillis is great throughout. (9/10)

Believability: The learning another culture is believable but the crime side driving him to isn’t. (5/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Settings: Brilliant use of a small Amish community for the setting. (9/10)

Suggestion: When it comes to crime stories this is one of the best I have seen and it is now nearly 30 years old. It is well worth watching for all. (Watch)


Best Part: John Book defends the Amish from some teenagers.

Worst Part: It could be said that the crime side of the film needed to be a bit more upfront story.

Kill Of The Film: Silone scene

Trivia: This is Harrison Ford’s only Oscar nomination.

Oscar Chances: Won two Oscars and was nominated for another 6 including best picture

Chances of Sequel: No


Overall: A great crime romance story that may get forgotten but shouldn’t be

Rating 89

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