Willow Creek (2013)

logoDirector: Bobcat Goldthwait

Writer: Bobcat Goldthwait (Screenplay)

Starring: Alexie Gilmore, Bryce Johnson


Plot: Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend


Verdict: Found Footage Wrong


Story: We follow the couple as they film their trip to discover more about Bigfoot. They spend time interviewing people who have experiences to tell as well as the people who just don’t believe, before going into the woods to have their own encounter.

This could have worked as I do believe that found footage could work with the Bigfoot legend. This doesn’t work because we have 50 minutes of the two exploring, nothing remotely close to horror happening. A lengthy ten minute scene with noises outside the tent with the couple inside it. Leaving another 10 minutes of walking around in the day time trying to find a way out before a 2 minute snap scene to finish the film. NO SIGN OF ANY BIGFOOT. Yes we don’t even see a Bigfoot we might not even have been up against one. So if you want to spend an hour watching a couple walk and rive around talking about a legend we already knew the details about enjoy. (1/10)


Actor Review


Alexie Gilmore: Kelly an aspiring actress who supports her boyfriend on his trip to discover Bigfoot. Easily a forgettable character and performance. (1/10)


Bryce Johnson: Jim wants to discover Bigfoot and make his on documentary about his search for the legend. Another forgettable performance from an uninteresting character. (1/10)


Director Review: Bobcat Goldthwait – This guy has a reputation for his work, this could have been his worse. (1/10)


Horror: For the one moment when it gets interesting I will give this one because the rest is sleepy. (1/10)

Thriller: You don’t care what happens. (0/10)

Settings: how could you mess up the settings for such an easy film idea so much? (3/10)

Suggestion: Don’t even look at what this is about. (Avoid)


Best Part: Clutching at straws here, but the one scene when something happens could have made this good if it was same pace as the rest of the film.

Worst Part: The rest of the film

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: PLEASE GOD NO

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 17 Minutes


Overall: Terrible

Rating 5


    • i say yes 60 minutes of walking around, about 5 minutes of noises outside the tent, 5 mintues of walking for freedom 5 minutes of running and screaming off camera

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