Wicked Ones (2020) Movie Review

Wicked Ones – Movie Review

Wicked Ones

Director: Tory Jones

Writer: Tory Jones, Nathan Thomas Milliner (Screenplay)


  • Richard Leo Hunt
  • Katie Stewart
  • Dale Miller
  • Skyler Guthrie
  • Morgan Pyle

Plot: While returning to Carpenter Falls, The Lawson family come to their final confrontation with The Wicked One, a serial killer with whom their last encounter has haunted them for a decade.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wicked Ones starts as the Lawson family returns to Carpenter Falls. Alex (Stewart), Adam (Miller), rockstar Daniel (Guthrie), Kendal (Pyle) and Jenna (Botkin) are here for a concert. Adam and Alex start seeing the memories haunting them.

As the concert starts, the killers return and start another rampage through the town. The Lawson’s face a new challenge, to protect their children from the Wicked One (Hunt).

Verdict on Wicked Ones


Alex and Adam have returned to their hometown, years after the previous attack. Alex starts seeing her dead friend warning her about the dangers in the town. She wants the police to help her find her children who have gone missing.

Daniel and Jenna are the teenage children who while out partying after a concert go missing. They must show their unity to survive after they get attacked by the escaped killers.

The Wicked One and the Mathis siblings are the killers who have returned to continue their rampage. They know whom they have to target, as they look to complete the rampage, they started years before. It makes them come off more psychotic than first thought, as they play with their victims.


When we look at the performances, we get the typical slasher performances. Katie Stewart and Dale Miller return from the first movie. The newcomers do well too, getting into the fights needing to survive.


The story follows the Lawson family as they return to Carpenter Falls years after surviving a serial killer attack. It doesn’t take long before the killers come back to haunt them, looking to finish what they started.

This does follow a typical slasher serial killer story that does create the menace they are showing. It creates peril for the family as they need to fight to survive, with most of the supporting characters used for creative kills. This is a simple slasher and doesn’t offer anything more to the slasher genre.


Wicked Ones is a slasher horror movie that goes down the typical path of the subgenre. It gives us twisted killers that play with their victims but fails to give us any suspense. The kills are effective but also don’t feel like anything fresh.

Final Thoughts Wicked Ones is a by-the-book slasher horror.

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