Who Could Brie Larson be Playing in Fast & Furious 10?

Who Could Brie Larson be Playing in Fast & Furious 10?

Brie Larson joining the Fast Family is a major deal, with Vin Diesel taking to social media to announce she has joined the family. The question remains who will the former indie darling, turned Oscar winner megastar get to play in the franchise? Whenever the franchise has introduced a new character, we tend to always get a connection to a previous character, so taking out the potential of them giving her an unconnected original character, we are going to look at a few options she could end up playing in the franchise.

Brian O’Conner Sister

Brian O’Conner is bar far the most loved member of the Fast family, the one the fans felt shocked by the real life passing of Paul Walker, with the franchise letting him drive off into the sunset, while keeping the mentions of him returning, in every movie. This would be the popular choice, to bring back a new O’Conner, but with the last movie bringing in the long lost brother of Dom, it might well end up being too similar to make it click as smoothly, without giving us the backstory we were given to explain Dom and his brother in the last one.

Cipher’s Relative

My personal favourite choice would be to have Cipher have a relative, Charlize Theron and Brie Larson as a deadly duo, wow, come on, look at the pair. This could translate perfectly into the story too, because Cipher was willing to step over the line to kill family, Dom could have the tables turned on Cipher, or motive the new character to become even deadly than Cipher, who is the smartest enemy the family have come up against. Cipher was shown to still be at large at the end of Fast 9, capable of using people who believe they are in control, having two of them, would take things to another level. I pick relative because they could easily be sister in the Fast logic, see Hobbs and Shaw making Vanessa Kirby and Jason Statham a couple of years apart for that logic, or they could be mother daughter.

Mr Nobody’s Daughter

Mr Nobody is one of the biggest mysteries in the franchise, Kurt Russell playing this character to give as little away as possible, while being the connection to make things possible for Dom and the family. With him missing in action after the events of Fast 9, you would expect any family he does have following him into this business. This could see her recruit the family to help search for Mr Nobody, learning how much he trusted the team to get the job done, while being just as skilled as anyone when it comes to field operation.

Gisele’s Sister

Gisele is one of the few characters that has managed to actually stay dead, so far, her sacrifice saving Han was one of the best moments in Fast Five, because the pair had an amazing connection on the side, with Gisele finally getting out from previous life to help the family when they had people coming from all sides. With Hans surprise return from the grave in the Fast 9, we were left with a big cliffhanger in the end credits scenes with Hans arriving on Deckard’s doorstep. Having the three coming together as one, with the tensions of what Deckard did to her sister’s love, could see plenty of fun here. Add in how she might feel about how Dom and the crew conduct their operations, putting her sister’s life in danger. The downside of this choice would be this does sound a lot like the Deckard story arc we saw so far.

Owen Shaw’s Partner

Owen Shaw the younger brother to Deckard Shaw and former enemy in the Fast 6 movie, turned ally with a surprise appearance in The Fate of the Furious. Owen was turned like Deckard by Cipher and seemed to get forgotten about when it came to the Hobbs and Shaw movie, it is possible he could have more family members waiting to join the fight. This would also give Helen Mirren some excellent scenes, with her being a potential mother-in-law or grandparents talk, it is all about family right? This might well be the longest of long shots, but come on, this is the Fast and Furious, who just went to space.

Little Nobody’s Partner

Little Nobody was the thrown together younger law figure added to the franchise after Paul Walker’s passing, Scott Eastwood does a good job with the role, but the character is one the fans liked the least being added, as most of the lessons he learns are never given the real impact on the bigger story and he never feels connected to the family, ending up like an awkward new friend, rather than one of the group. This doesn’t stop him from being a good law man, willing to break a few rules along the way. Like of Brian had his own connections in the industry, this could be his partner on former mission, one that could easily be added to bring a difference dimension to the character that hasn’t clicked in the franchise yet.

Locke’s Partner

The most outside the box choice here would come with this choice, Ryan Reynolds played Locke, a former connection to Hobbs, now CIA, who has been keeping him around to do the most difficult jobs. There could easily be a similar CIA watching over Dom and the family, this would bring in Brie, who only steps in when they are in danger, rather than when they needed to get a difficult job done.

Who would you like to see Brie be a connection to, or would you like to see her be given a truly original character in the franchise?

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