Werewolf (2018) Movie review

Director: Adrian Panek

Writer: Adrian Panek (Screenplay)

Starring: Kamil Polnisiak, Nicholas Prygoda, Sonia Mietielica, Danuta Stenka, Werner Daehn, Jakub Syska

Plot: Children liberated from a Nazi concentration camp have to overcome hunger, thirst and vicious dogs in an abandoned mansion surrounded by the forest.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Werewolf starts when a group of children are liberated from a Nazi concentration camp, finding refuge in a mansion in the middle of the forest, where they Wladek (Polnisiak), Hanys (Przygoda), Hanka (Mietielica), Jadwiga (Stenka) and others looks to hide out the rest of the war.

The children start to see enemies coming for them in soldiers, but more dangerously, a pack of ravenous dogs lurking in the forest, looking for their next meal, they children must work together to stay alive, despite running low on food, water and exits from the mansion.

Thoughts on Werewolf

Thoughts – Werewolf is a Polish movie with the original name of Wilkolak, we do get to see how the children have escaped from the concentration camp and are trying to survive by themselves, which in itself is a survival story, but add in the ravenous dogs, we get to see how they must band together, to evolve to survive the situation. The story shows how they will see other enemies coming too, need to deal with them, but one of the big things you will notice, there aren’t any werewolves in this film, the title is misleading. The performances from the whole cast is brilliant showing us just how difficult the lives they are living are and the desperation to survive they must show. There is an intensity to the dogs scenes, which is filled with the fear they would be going through too.

Final ThoughtsWerewolf is an intense survivor story.

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