Welcome to the Circle (2020) Movie Review

Director: David Fowler

Writer: David Fowler (Screenplay)

Starring: Matthew MacCaull, Taylor Dianne Robinson, Ben Cotton, Cindy Busby, Hilary Jardine, Andrea Brooks, Matt Bellefleur

Plot: A random bear attack during a family camping trip leaves Greg (father) and Samantha (daughter) trapped by demon worshiping cult known as The Circle. Unbeknownst to all is that there’s an infiltrator in the cults ranks. She is communication with a former member on the outside named Grady. Grady’s plan is to lead a small group of rescuers into the heart of The Circle. But will they get there in time to save Greg, Samantha, and others from the demon known as Percy Stephens?

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Welcome to the Circle starts in the aftermath of a bear attack, Greg (MacCaull) is injured and taken in by a group living in the woods, while his daughter Samantha (Robinson) has become convinced to always wear a mask in the community.

When Greg learns that this community is a cult that believes in interdimensional travel, he wants to rescue his daughter before it is too late, only for an outsider to arrive, looking to bring down the cult too.

Thoughts on Welcome to the Circle

Final Thoughts Welcome to the Circle is a film that is looking to create a horror that tries to compete with ‘The Endless’ showing a cult that believe they can travel through dimensions and showing how a father, daughter find themselves trapped in the middle of the controlling power. Where this story ends up falling off short, is by trying to be cleverer than it wants to be, jumping between dimensions doesn’t make everything enjoyable to watch, while never going into the horror of a cult, it introduces characters late into the story, which are important to unlocking the truth and by the end, we are left going through a spoon feed answers that don’t seem to bring us anything fresh to the story. The acting in the film isn’t the strongest, with most of the cast not getting enough time to make the big impact in the film.

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