Wedding Season (2022) Movie Review

Wedding Season – Movie Review

Wedding Season

Director: Tom Dey

Writer: Shiwani Srivastava (Screenplay)


  • Pallavi Sharda (Lion)
  • Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi)
  • Arianna Afsar
  • Sean Kleier
  • Veena Sood
  • Rizwan Manji

Plot: Pressured by their parents to find spouses, Asha and Ravi pretend to date during a summer of weddings, only to find themselves falling for each other.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wedding Season starts as career-driven Asha (Sharda) is being pressured into finding a man by her parents. Laidback Ravi (Sharma) is trying to find himself in life and is also feeling the pressure from his parents to find a wife. This leads the pair’s parents to play matchmaker for the pair.

Asha and Ravi meet, and they don’t get along too well. They agree to pretend to be dating to keep their parents off their backs and attend the wedding season. As the pair start spending time together they start to fall for each other in real life, despite the futures they are after.

Verdict on Wedding Season


Asha has decided to give up searching for love to focus on her career. She is trying to figure out a plan to help women get start-up loans in Southeast Asia. Asha is tired of the pressure placed on her by her parents, leading to her creating a fake relationship to cover her through the wedding season. This changes her life forever as she starts to fall for Ravi at the same time, she is in her biggest career pitch of professional life.

Ravi has all the qualifications to let him achieve anything, but he has never followed through with them. He works as a DJ with a world-renowned reputation. Ravi agrees to attend the weddings, where he does try to get to know Asha along the way.

In the supporting roles, we have the parents that are putting pressure on their adult children, still stuck in the traditional ways of their past. Despite raising their children in western culture.


Pallavi Sharda is great as a career-driven woman, she shows how her character is hard to break down, despite expectations from her family. She brings a character that will show her strong independent nature.

Suraj Sharma is great too; he brings the laidback guy who hasn’t found himself yet. He shows us the typical early-30s figure that hasn’t figured life out, despite getting lucky with own path he made.

The supporting cast is entertaining, getting most of the laughs along the way. From the two sets of parents, Asha’s co-workers and her sister.


The story follows two Indian people that find their parents putting pressure on them to get married. To keep their parents happy, they agree to pretend for the wedding season, only to fall in love with each other.

This story explores the change in culture different beliefs have once they start mixing together.  It shows how the world has changed for everyone and you should be encouraging your family. This might well follow the same typical beats that we see in most romantic comedies, showing how people can fall in love with people they never expected.


Wedding Season is a romantic comedy that shows how cultures can change in a generation. It has the typical beats of a romantic movie, showing how secrets can how people back and real feelings can be found in the person you least expect in life. The locations used in the film show the different lives the pair have.

Where to Watch: Wedding Season is available on Netflix

Final Thoughts Wedding Season is a nice entertaining romantic comedy.

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