Van Wilder (2002)

Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) follows one student seven years in college where he is the most popular guy on campus and hires an assistant for each year, this year the lucky man is Taj (Kal Penn). When his father withdraws his financial support Van must find another way to make money. After his full plan falls through he ends up doing what he does well throws parties for the other resident of the college. With all this happening an ambitious journalist student  Gwen (Tara Reid) is ask to produce a story on Van. What follows is the love triangle between Van, Gwen and Richard (Daniel Cosgrove) which s full of comical scenes and one that is slightly too much.

Ryan Reynolds shines in this as the quick know it all figure using his charms and charisma to get through each scene and puts in a top level comedy lead performance. While most of the gags are sex orientated this is a good comedy being released the same time as the original American Pie films that were all the craze around that time. It is good that this hasn’t aged yet i know its been ten years but some have aged badly. This film also offered early roles for some bigger names in the world of film and TV with  and Simon Helberg (of Big Bang Theory fame)

Overall i would give this funny comedy a 78% 

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