Unplugging (2022) Movie Review ‘Fails to Hit the Mark’

Unplugging has an big idea, but gets lost along the way.

Director: Debra Neil-Fisher

Writer: Brad Morris, Matt Walsh (Screenplay)

Starring: Eva Longoria, Matt Walsh, Lea Thompson, Keith David, Tina Parker

Plot: To revive their marriage and reconnect, a couple takes a self-prescribed digital detox weekend to a remote mountain town. What starts as a perfect weekend getaway without technology quickly spirals out of control.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Unplugging starts as married couple business executive Jeanine (Longoria) and hot sauce producer Dan (Walsh) decide they have been spending too much time on their devices. Needing to take a breath and a weekend away to detox from their addiction.

The trip will give them a chance to talk more openly for the first time in a while. Only for them to discover that they needed this chance to opening up to move forward with their lives.

Thoughts on Unplugging

Characters & Performances

Jeanine is a workaholic that is always on her phone, which is often causing problems with her life at home. With her overly friendly nature finds her getting into trouble at work, she is suspended for her behaviour in the workplace. Dan has been working from home after losing his job, turning to making hot sauce at home. Where he gets close to the delivery drivers, only to question his own life when one dies suddenly. Dan suggests the couple take a weekend away from technology, which has been controlling both their lives. The pair will find themselves getting into a different event causing troubles over the weekend. The performances from the leading two are strong without managing to ground the characters on a larger enough level because of where the story goes.


The story here will follow a couple that are looking to get out of their technology filled life, by having a d-tox weekend away from technology. This does start off very interesting, because it will show just how addicted the technology and looking to escape for a couple of days does work out. The problem with the story comes from the fact the wacky adventure never feels as connected as it wants to be. The serious side to the movie never gets a chance to shine through.


Unplugging is a romantic comedy that is looking to put the focus on rekindling the romance in a marriage that has seen them getting caught up in a distant relationship. The comedy doesn’t seem to hit hard enough. Most of it ends up trying to be putting the couple in a strange situation that doesn’t connect as well as it wants to.

Signature Entertainment presents Unplugging on Digital Platforms 13th June.

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