Train (2008)

Director: Gideon Raff

Writer: Gideon Raff (Screenplay)

Starring: Thora Birch, Gideon Emery, Kavan Reece, Derek Magyar, Gloria Votsis, Todd Jensen


Story: An American college wrestling team head to Europe for a competition. A group of the team (Alex (Birch), Willy (Emery), Sheldon (Reece), Todd (Magyar) and Claire (Votsis)) decide to go to a party before moving on to the next venue. This night out proves to be a bad idea as they miss the train. Coach Harris (Jensen) is furious and lectures the team.


With no one who can speak the native language a mysterious woman offers them a ride on her train going to the same destination as the team. On the train, which is filled with stereotypical Eastern Europeans mainly creepy peados the team settle down for the journey.


With the coach of cooling down the other play a little game of truth or dare, leading to Todd running off and not returning. While the other believe he is just playing they head to bed. The morning after Todd still hasn’t return and the Coach has gone missing. The others start to look for the two of them with little help or success from the train staff.


Alex and Willy find there way into the secret compartment and find out what has been happening to their friends. Can they survive the horror that awaits them and uncover the reasons for the people actions?

Overall: Remember when Hostel first came out with all the torture porn for fun, well this uses this to make a different spin on that idea. With most of the action taking place on a train hence the title it follows a similar trend. One thing that bugged me through out this film is how the ‘wrestling’ team don’t seem to know how to fight. The torture scenes are unnecessary as there would have been more sense doing what they do another way. One thing I did like was the reasoning behind what the villains were doing what they were, as it does have some part of a believable side to it. But if it didn’t have Thora Birch in I wouldn’t have given it a second look and even with her star power this is a pretty routine torture porn horror offering nothing new to the genre.


Rating 56%


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