Top 10 Favourite Trilogies

We all love a good trilogy and we have had some classics but we have also had some that have fallen from grace. Today I am going to pick the ones I enjoy watching the most which doesn’t mean I think they are the overall best but most enjoyable. I am also going to only focus on the first three of any series so if they do end up having addition I am ignoring them. I had to make this a top 10 but I still managed to miss out some of the most popular ones.


10. Hatchet (2006 – 2013)hatchet

This would come off as an unusual choice because it is a straight to DVD horror series but in the end it is good at delivering what is says blood and gore. We follow groups of people trying to stop the legend of Victor Crowley who terrorises the swamps in New Orleans. He is unstoppable because he regenerates overnight making the horror start again. This may only appeal to the horror fans out there but it is one of my guilty pleasures in horror.

9. Jurassic Park (1993 – 2001)jurassic park

When Jurassic Park came out it was a mega success and with the second one The Lost World was also great, we might forget the final part of the series but with the first two parts being that good we can’t take this out of any best trilogy lists. I also think this does contain the worst film of any on this list.

8. Fast & Furious – Fast 6 (2009 – 2013)fast

This is the only series that I think improved once we got to number 4, it stops taking itself too seriously and just lets the ideas fly out. These three films have had the most ridiculous chase moments in film history including the everlasting runway and tank flying. They are pure fun and have to get a mention even if the very Fast and Furious is considered the best by the diehard fans.

7. Hannibal Lecter (1991 – 2002)hecter

When we first saw Hannibal Lecter in in The Silence of the Lambs Anthony Hopkins made the character one of the most must watch character even if he is one of the most disturbing in film history. What follows was a sequel with Hannibal on the run and a prequel where we first see how Hannibal helped catch serial killers. When you put all three together we get one of the best detective based trilogies of all time.

6. Of the Dead (1968 – 1985)night of

Night, Dawn and Day all put a different group of survivors in a different position against the undead zombies, each story tells a different overall story that reflects certain aspects on life. They paved the way for the zombie idea which has gone onto be one of the most used horror ideas around.

5. Toy Story (1995 – 2010)toy

What can I say that hasn’t been said about this series of films that hasn’t already been talked about, this is one of the best family friendly series of film out there that have hardly aged a day. I personally think these get better as the go along too.

4. Dark Knight (2005 – 2012)knight

When Christopher Nolan got his hands on this franchise no one could imagine what we ended up getting. We got three of the best comic book films of all time we villainous performance that will live long in the memory. Many people see the highlight of the series being Heath Ledger’s Joker which is wildly considered the best in recent years.

3. Indiana Jones (1981 – 1989)indiana

The original tomb raider whose three adventures through the 80s became three of the best action adventure films of all time. We have some of the most iconic scenes in cinema and it is known that these films helped bring in a different age restriction rating for all of us fans.

2. Back to the Future (1985 – 1990)back

Marty McFly, DeLorean and Doc Brown all going at 88mph, these are the iconic parts of the sci-fi adventure film. This is high up on my list because it was one of the first I ever saw and it still remains one of my favourite because it still looks good now. This is one set of films that I feel everyone should see too.

1. Star Wars Original Saga (1977 – 1983)star

When it comes to sci-fi I don’t think many films got the attention these did when they first came out, there are many quotable lines that people still quote today. I was never a fan of the second trilogy though because these were so stand out they will never be forgotten.


      • Oh yeah I forgot you were starting your weekend a day later. Sorry Dazza, no rest of the wicked eh?

        I’m replying to you on Twitter at the mo!

        I haven’t even see the other Hatchet movies, only the first one.

    • thanks, i personally really liked Fellowship, enjoyed two towers but really didn’t like return of the king. i actually forgot The Bourne’s i feel bad i would have replaced the fast + furious for that but they are so bonkers and fun.

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