Tokyo Home Stay Massacre (2020) Move Review


Director: Kenta Osaka, Hirohito Takimoto

Writer: Kenta Osaka, Hirohito Takimoto (Screenplay)

Starring: Alex Derycz, Diana G, Will Harrell

Plot: Three American late teens travel to Japan to escape a sad past and have some fun but end up trapped in a house with a demented Japanese host family who plans to offer them to their gods in a sick ancient Japanese ritual.

Tagline – You’re not in Texas anymore. Welcome to Japan.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Tokyo Home Stay Massacre starts as three America students, John (Derycz), Sarah (G) and Spencer (Harrell) travel to Japan to learn more about the culture, they are staying with a host family that opens them with arms wide open.

When the three start to explore the house in secret, they learn the terrifying truth about the family, who have arranged to have their own sacrifices to their God.

Thoughts on Tokyo Home Stay Massacre

Final Thoughts Tokyo Home Stay Massacre falls into the category of film that is trying to be something very edgy, only to fall short, with the delivery, the story leads up to much of the torture sequences, which are off screen, relying on blood squirting over anything else. The lack of subtitles to the Japanese side of the characters is a massive problem too, even if it does seem to want to be part found footage and part properly shot movie. The American characters feel like they are meant to have more development, but turn into the generic nosey characters who end up getting more than they deserve for their own intrusion and lack of respect for the culture they are entering, leaving us not caring about anything going on, not being shocked by the shots that are meant to be shocked filled and left feeling empty by the end.

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