Tiny Cinema (2022) Frightfest Movie Review


Tiny Cinema – Frightfest Movie Review

Director: Tyler Cornack

Writer: Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch, William Morean (Screenplay)


  • Austin Lewis
  • Shelby Dash
  • Paul Ford

Plot: A mysterious stranger tells the twisted tale of seemingly unconnected strangers caught in a series of otherworldly events whose lives will change in incredible ways forever.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Tiny Cinema

Game Night

Game Night starts as the Thompson’s game night sends the husband down a spiral of obsession about who she is. This consumes him putting everyone’s life in danger until the next Game Night, when he releases everything. In what is a strange start, this first chapter does show obsession over everything consuming a life. 3/5


Edna follows a young woman Edna who has been struggling with her own identity in her path of loneliness. As Edna faces a potential suicide attempt, she discovers a dead body, taking it home to be her man in life. Edna tries to have a perfect life, but this only leaves her getting tired of who he really is. In a story that is warning about being careful what you wish for, the darkly comedic side of this short chapter works very well. 4/5


Bust! Starts as three friends rob a grocery store, before jumping back one week early. Here, we learn why the friends are in this situation, being driven by one’s personal problems. This sends the friends down an unusual path to help their friend with his problem. In what is an odd story, to say the least, it shows the weird things people do for friendship. 2/5

Deep Impact

Deep Impact starts as a delivery man must make a delivery to a remote location. Here he will discover a man that claims to be him from the future, wanting his DNA to escape. As the driver must figure out what to believe, he is left with an awkward situation to escape. This is yet another odd story, that plays into the concepts of what would you do in this situation. 3/5


Motherf*ckers follows four gangsters whose poker game takes a twisted turn. Where a joke comment gets taken to literal. This is easily the shortest story involved, that never really gets going. 1/5

Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home follows a couple on their first date, which takes an uncomfortable turn when the lady makes a proposal. This sees the man snort the ashes of her father and sees him slowly transform into a mix of dad jokes and uncomfortable discussions. Daddy’s Home might well be the most disturbing and strangely enjoyable of the series of stories we see. 5/5

Final Thoughts Tiny Cinema has enough twisted tales to keep the audience happy. Like most anthologies, we have the good and bad, but the same disturbing tone throughout.

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