The Wrath of God (2022) Movie Review ‘Chilling Thriller’

The Wrath of God – Chilling Thriller

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Director: Sebastian Schindel

Writer: Pablo Del Teso, Sebastian Schindel (Screenplay) Guillermo Martinez (Novel)

Starring: Macarena Achaga, Juan Minujin, Diego Peretti

Plot: Luciana, a young woman immersed in a circle of mysterious deaths of relatives and the growing suspicion that the person responsible is an enigmatic writer, her former boss.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Wrath of God starts as a young woman Luciana (Achaga) put a claim against her author boss Kloster (Peretti). She finds her life turned upside down, people in her life start dying.

Getting worried about her own safety, Luciana turns to journalist Esteban Rey (Minujin). Esteban looks to tell the story, as Luciana believes this is an act of revenge by Kloster. Seeing her diving into trying to discover the truth, with Esteban.

Thoughts on The Wrath of God

Characters & Performances

Luciana is a writing assistant who has worked for Kloster for years. She has an excellent connection with his family, but ends up suffering a misconduct incident. Winning the case, she starts to see her loved ones dying. She believes there is a connection with Kloster, who had his own tragedy. Wanting to save her loved ones before they become victims too.

Kloster is the successful author who Luciana once worked for. He sees his mother and daughter die, leaving him a broken man. Turning to a life of reclusive nature, he finds himself getting accused of his involvement in the deaths. Well-spoken and with the ability to bend a narrative, he is the prime suspect. He can turn the story against the people involved too.

Esteban Rey is the journalist that Luciana turns to for help. He is trying to piece together the story. He hears both sides of the story, as well as reflecting on his own media handling towards Kloster before. Esteban doesn’t know who to believe, as both sides to the story could have merit, leading him down a dangerous path.

The performances from the three leads are great. Macarena Achaga as the woman on edge, the victim who is losing her loved ones, showing the helpless position she is put in. Diego Peretti is chilling as the author who has lost everything in his personal life. Keeping the calm when accused. Juan Minujin as the reporter not knowing what the truth is, facing a career defining decision.


The story here follows an estranged author that might have an involvement in a young woman’s life. When her loved ones start dying, the series of events feel too convenient for her liking. The story follows the search for the truth, diving into the motivations. Showing how this could be a revenge for his own loved one’s deaths. Or the allegations she put towards him.

The mystery in this movie is the driving force of the story. We never get the true feeling of what is happening in this movie. This will keep us on edge throughout, wanting to guess the outcome, coming to a chilling conclusion.


The Wrath of God is a mystery thriller, that has a chilling tone to it. It will keep us guessing throughout, playing each side against each other. Showing there could be multiple different outcomes to the story. The battle Esteban goes in personally, showing how uncertain everything is. Wanting to make a story, only not knowing the truth.

Final ThoughtsThe Wrath of God is a chilling mystery thriller, keeping us on edge throughout.

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