The Way Out (2022) Movie Review


The Way Out – Movie Review

Director: Barry Jay

Writer: Barry Jay (Screenplay)


  • Sherri Shepherd (Precious)
  • Mike Manning (This is Us)
  • Ashleigh Murray (Riverdale)
  • Jonny Beauchamp (Penny Dreadful)
  • Mitch Silpa (Bridesmaid)

Plot: A young man deals with the loss of his abusive father by taking advice from a charming, dangerous stranger who teaches him about life, sex, and fighting back.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: No Way Out starts as we meet Alex (Beauchamp) a recovering alcoholic. He has spent the last year clean with his sponsor Veronica (Shepherd) keeping him motivated. When Alex’s abusive father dies suddenly, he moves into the old family home.

Alex accepts a new housemate in Shane (Manning), a charming gym enthusiast. Shane starts to see what Alex needs to change in his life, pushing him to challenge himself. This creates a dangerous environment for Alex as he looks to win his battle with alcoholism.

Verdict on No Way Out

No Way Out is a drama following a young man that has been caught up in his addiction to dealing with childhood abuse. His father is murdered which could easily be a new trigger point and a new housemate only causes more problems. Alex gets pushed to new levels that will give him a fresh approach to life.

This is a movie that gets to show that addiction doesn’t need to control your life. However, it also shows how people can use their abuse in violent ways. The movie only really focuses on one character and his problems with abuse and how it has affected his loved ones. There is a hard-hitting message one that is important to the bigger side of what has happened in their lives.

Final Thoughts No Way Out is a hard-hitting examination of abuses and the danger is causes.

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